About Yachts In Transit (YIT)

YIT is a FREE online tool built for the cruising community.

Yachts that register with YIT have their own customised webpage where friends and family can follow their cruising adventures. Followers can subscribe to your yacht to automatically receive notifications when there have been updates to your page.

How It Works

Send in a status update and your page will update showing your current position along with anything you want to say or photos you might like to add. Include your speed and heading and YIT will estimate your positions in 24 and 48 hours time so followers can estimate when you will reach your destination.

Rally users might also like to send in weather reports at your location which can then be shared with other rally participants nearby. You can also write blogs and submit sites you want to share with other cruisers, like good anchorages,favourite snorkelling spots and walks.

YIT can be updated manually or automatically by sending text emails to the YIT server via SSB, sat, sat-IridiumGo, sat-Delorme-Inreach, or by using the YIT app. A desktop is available through the Chrome browser or get the mobile appfor Apple or Android. The app is the most user friendly way to submit updates and makes it easy to upload images to YIT when you have access to internet.

If you are interested in seeing what other cruisers are up to, head to the YIT homepage. The map displays the location of all yachts that have submitted updates in the last month. Click on a yacht to see who it is and what they have to say.

To create your own FREE YIT yacht page now go to;

Yachts In Transit & The Down Under Rally

If you are part of the Down Under Rally you can add your yacht to the rally page. 

Each time you do an update to your YIT page your updated yacht position and status will also be updates on the rally page.

Click here to visit the 2017 YIT Down Under "Go East" Rally page 

Click here to visit the 2017 YIT Down Under "Go West" Rally page