A fun and informative introduction to Australia. 

All "Go West" Bundy Rally participants are invited to join us for the Down Under "Go West" Rally Welcome Week . Below are some photos from past Welcome Week events.

The 2018 Welcome Week event calendar.

All the events are included in the 2018 'Bundy Rally' entry fee. 

2018_Welcome Week Calendar_rfs_Page_1.jpg
2018_Welcome Week Calendar_rfs_Page_2.jpg

'Bundy Rally' participants are also invited to attend our informative FREE presentations including:

  • Aussie 101 Presentation: Surviving & Thriving Down Under.
  • VHF Channels & Weather Down Under Presentation
  • East Coast Cruising Presentation - Bundaberg to Gold Coast
  • East Coast Cruising Presentation- Gold Coast to Sydney
  • East Coast Cruising Presentation- Bundaberg to Cairns and beyond
  • East Coast Cruising Presentation- Sydney to Tasmania
  • Land Cruising Down Under Presentation.

The information we share during these presentations makes sure that your time cruising in Australia will be memorable for all the right reasons.