A fun and informative introduction to Australia. 

All "Go West" Bundy Rally participants are invited to join us for the Down Under "Go West" Rally Welcome Week . Below are some photos from past Welcome Week events.

The Welcome Week event calendar.

All the events are included in the 2019 'Bundy Rally' entry fee. 

*2019 Welcome Week dates and events to be confirmed but are expected to be similar to the 2018 offerings.

'Bundy Rally' participants are also invited to attend our informative FREE presentations including:

  • Aussie 101 Presentation: Surviving & Thriving Down Under.

  • VHF Channels & Weather Down Under Presentation

  • East Coast Cruising Presentation - Bundaberg to Gold Coast

  • East Coast Cruising Presentation- Gold Coast to Sydney

  • East Coast Cruising Presentation- Bundaberg to Cairns and beyond

  • East Coast Cruising Presentation- Sydney to Tasmania

  • Land Cruising Down Under Presentation.

The information we share during these presentations makes sure that your time cruising in Australia will be memorable for all the right reasons.