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Australian VHF Frequencies & Usage

Apart fron VHF 16 Australia uses different frequencies for different purposes.
Click Here for a downloadable comprehensive list of all VHF frequencies & their intended use.
(Thanks to Robbie & Bev of S.V Mersoleil for this doc) 

BOM Marine Weather Forecasts

Marine Rescue NSW & VMR Queensland issue regular weather forecasts via VHF.
They will broadcast on VHF 16 and then direct you to a working channel for the forecast from BOM . 
The areas that the forecasts are broadcast for can be somewhat "foriegn" to visiting yachts .
CLICK HERE for a downloadable easy to understand forecast area reference map  (Thanks to Robbie & Bev of S.V Mersoleil for providing this doc) 

Met Bob

Bob McDavitt is the weather guru that uses /\/\etBoB to provide weather information for cruising sailors, primarily for those in the South Pacific.
Weathergram (also known as BobGram)
Usually on a Sunday evening,  giving my evaluation of weather patterns around the South Pacific, aiming on what is worthwhile to AVOID. These are great for helping to pick windows of opportunity for good sailing weather. Internet site is  
Let Bob know if you would like to join/leave his weathergram list. Let me know by email if you wish to add your name to my weathergram list.  
If you want you can also join the pangolin list:  send email to with the words JOIN WEATHERGRAM in the body, no subject needed. 
Best part is its FREE
Voyage Forecasts:
 When available,Bob as weather Guru for /\/\etBob, can compile and email weather forecasts for your voyage on the high seas in the South Pacific. Charge is $10NZ per 5 minutes, and anything taking less than 5 minutes is called a quickie and sent without charge.
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