Rainman Desalination

Rainman Desalination manufactures highly versatile and simple watermakers that can either be installed in your boat or run completely portable from the deck. 

The design is elegantly simple and avoids elements that traditionally cause challenges with watermaker reliability, such as electronics, software, solenoid valves, salinity probes, or energy recovery pumps.  Simple design, top quality components and manufacturing in Sydney provides an excellent build quality.  This keeps the initial price modest while maximising reliability and minimising long term life cycle costs.  Rainman watermakers are powered by petrol, 230VAC, 115VAC, or 12VDC with various options to provide a range of output levels.

See more details at our website. (www.rainmandesal.com)

Down Under Deal !

Like to get $400 off the retail price of any NEW Rainman Watermaker system ?

  1. Register and pay the rally entry fee for either the Go East or Go West rally.

  2. Contact The Watermaker Man.

  3. Provide them with you rally certificate of participation and get $400 off the retail price of any NEW Rainman Watermaker system.

The Watermaker Man
Brett Swann
1 Wyvernleigh Close
Manly, QLD 4179
Phone: +61 41 44 77 602
Email: banddswann@thewatermakerman.com
Website: www.thewatermakerman.com.au