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New Caledonia is a treasure chest for visiting cruising yachts with its incredible sheltered lagoon (a World Heritage site since 2008), the white sandy beaches, the ancient forests, the untouched landscapes and the endemic biodiversity (land and sea).

New Caledonia is also a land of ancestral culture and above all a land where tradition is still the guiding hand behind social and festive relationships. A world unto itself…

New Caledonia, a land of traditions, also welcomes modern artists to exhibit work in the art galleries near the Noumea museums which houses the most beautiful collections of Melanesian tribal art (New Caledonia Museum).

The coral reef of New Caledonia is recognized by the international community as a « hot spot » of world biodiversity, one of the three most extensive reef systems in the world in an excellent state of preservation.

New Caledonia alone represents nearly 75% of the entire reef and lagoon surface of all of the French territories. Their inscription as a UNESCO world heritage site in 2008 is an international recognition of the richness of its lagoons.

Called the Paris of the south pacific, Noumea boasts the same ambience when it comes to Art, Music and French Gastronomy. Along with diverse activities such as surfing, kite surfing, scuba diving, game fishing, trekking, hunting…the only difficulty is choosing what to do. 

Cruising New Caledonia Blogs & Videos

Below are some links to the Blogs and Videos that have published by other cruisers who wish to share their cruising experiances :

  • Debbie & Warren  - s.v Phase 2 (Catamaran). Debbie & Warren have a YouTube channel called "Phase2 Productions". Click here to visit Phase2Productions YouTube channel and see them all.
  • Leanne & Steve : s.v Easy Tiger (Catamaran).Click here to visit -Easy Tiger's Sailing Adventures - New Caledonia
  • Eva & Brian - s.v Zofia (mono hull). Click here to visit Zofia - Sailing Adventures
  • Neville & Amanda - s.v Bossa Nova (Catamaran). Click here to visit Bossa Nova Fusion

You can also click on any of the links below and be directed to some great websites that provide more info about cruising in New Caledonia.

Filmed and edited by Zac Snushall on phantom 3 advanced.

Original music: https://soundcloud.com/blockhouse-bay

 New Caledonia's Lagoon-  New Caledonia Lagoon: Inspiring Images

Just click the image above to watch Part 1 of Cat Impi Cruising in New Caledonia

"Cat Impi" You Tube Channel

Click the image above to watch Part 2 of Cat Impi Cruising New Caledonia

"Cat Impi" You Tube Channel

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Each year the Down Under "Go East" Rally sails to New Caledonia from Australia