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International Yachties give Australia the thumbs up !

The Down Under "Go West" Rally is "turning the tide" on Australia's reputation within the international cruising community.    

In recent times Australia has had a very poor reputation in the international cruising community for several reasons, and as a result, many international yachts have chosen not to include Australia as a destination. 

Over the past 3 years the Down Under Rally has been working hard to encourage yachts to visit Australia, and it would seem we are having a positive impact, with over 100 yachts and their crews from countries all over the world including Denmark, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, the USA, Canada and New Zealand having joined the "Go West" rally from New Caledonia and Vanuatu to Australia over the past 3 years.

Paolo - s.v Sanganeb II of Italy

Paolo - s.v Sanganeb II of Italy

The positive feedback we have received has been that the rally itself and the rally Welcome Week are amongst best run events they have ever attended.

Participants are also saying how pleasantly surprised they are by how professional and friendly the Australian Border Force and Department of Agriculture officials have been, and they have found the clearing in process to be straightforward and much less stressful than they have experienced in many other countries they have visited. 

We have posted some of this feedback on the testimonials page of our website in the Go West menu for those who are interested.

Below is a video Leanne Hembrow has put together that explains what the Down Under Rally Welcome Week is all about and shares some of the highlights from what was truly a memorable 2017 Welcome Week. 

The rally participants joined in for parties, seminars, mud crab races, hootenannies and more. Leanne has done a fantastic job putting this footage together. She has managed to capture some special moments and some pretty funny ones as well .

We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed being there!   

The 2018 Down Under "Go West" Rally is now open for expressions of interest with many expressions of interest having already been received. 


Opportunities to partner with the Down Under Rally are also available