Rally Great News - September 2019


Rally Great News

Down Under Rally News - September 2019

Down Under Rally News.

Go East Rally Participant say - “Au Revoir New Caledonia”.

Having spent almost 3 months Sailing & Cruising in New Caledonia our 2019 Go East Rally participants have departed New Caledonia as their visas allowed them to stay for only 90 days. The feedback we have received form the rally participants is that they have very much enjoyed their time in New Caledonia with many saying they wish they could have stayed longer.

Our thanks to our rally partners The Boat Works Coomera Queensland Australia & The Southport Yacht Club , Southport Australia , Noumea Yacht Services , New Caledonia Tourism and GLP Hotels Ilot Maitre Island Resort New Caledonia for supporting and helping us make the Go East Rally possible.

For some it was time to return to Australia but for the majority it was onwards to Vanuatu.  Check out the sailing tracks of the participants at the Down Under Rally thanks to the  PredictWind  tracking page:  https://forecast.predictwind.com/tracking/rally/go-east-rally-2019/

For some it was time to return to Australia but for the majority it was onwards to Vanuatu.

Check out the sailing tracks of the participants at the Down Under Rally thanks to the PredictWind tracking page: https://forecast.predictwind.com/tracking/rally/go-east-rally-2019/

Several of our 2019 Go East Rally participants have their own drones & have shared some pretty impressive footage on their You Tube sailing channels. Check them out below:

2020 Go East Rally

Early Bird Registrations for the 2020 Go East Rally are now open !

8 yachts have already registered as participants in the 2020 Go East Rally and an additional 75 expressions of interest have been received!

For more information about the 2020 Go East Rally to New Caledonia go to:



Other World Experiences in Vanuatu with 2019 NC2V Rally

‘Vanuatu keeps getting better. It’s a country that quickly becomes a favourite.

There’s very little not to enjoy about the place or the people. It’s truly special, a jewel in the Pacific.’ (s.v Brave)

Of those Go East Rally participants who headed onwards to Vanuatu several decided to join our NC2V Rally .

The purpose of the Down Under Rally "NC2V Rally" is to provide participants of our Go East Rally a hassle free entry into Vanuatu and allow them to get the most out of what will be a relatively short visit to the country.

Vessels who joined the 2019 NC2V Rally had the opportunity to obtain full clearance into the country in the island of Aneityum which is otherwise not an official port of entry.

Arriving in Aneityum allows rally participants to explore the entire Vanuatu Group of islands from south to north taking advantage of the prevailing winds, enjoying more comfortable sailing conditions and experiencing more of Vanuatu.

To make this opportunity possible the Down Under Rally flew in the officials from Port Vila to perform the clearance of vessels who joined the rally.

The Down Under Rally partnered with Port of Call Vanuatu for the NC2V Rally and owner Virginia Craig did an awesome job of making all the arrangements for the participants once they arrived in Vanuatu which made for a smooth entry and a very enjoyable enjoyable experience. Virginia even flew down with the officials to make sure all went smoothly !

Thanks Virginia, without you the NC2V Rally would not be possible!

Some of the NC2V Rally Fleet at Anchor in Aneghowhat Bay, Aneityum Island Vanuatu - August 2019

Some of the NC2V Rally Fleet at Anchor in Aneghowhat Bay, Aneityum Island Vanuatu - August 2019

Check out the videos below our participants Russ & Margy of s.v Sunrise have shared about their Other World Experiences in Vanuatu with the 2019 NC2V Rally.


In late June this year more than 50 yachts departed Horn Island in the Torres Strait as participants of the Go North Multihull Solutions Sail 2 Indonesia Rally. This rally was a joint venture between the Sail 2 Indonesia Rally and the Down Under Rally.

The role for the Down Under Rally in 2019 was limited to the promotion and marketing of the event.

Great friends and past participants of several Down Under Rallies Brent & Ana of s.v Cat Impi joined the rally and have posted the video below of their experience Sailing to and arriving in Indonesia.

ANNOUNCEMENT - 2020 Go North Rally

The Down Under Rally has by mutual agreement with the Sail 2 Indonesia Rally organsiers decided that the Down Under Rally will not continue their involvement with the Sail 2 Indonesia Rally in the future.

We are planning on running an all new and independent Go North Rally to Indonesia in 2020.

For more information go to: https://www.downunderrally.com/go-north-rally-about


Go West Magazine receives high praise !

With almost all of the 500 print copies of the 2019 edition of the Go West Magazine having been distributed over the last few months throughout locations in the SW Pacific Islands that are known to be frequented by visiting international yachts the feedback we are receiving about this years Go West Magazine has been nothing short of glowing!

Locations where the printed copies of the magazine were distributed include: Tahiti, Fiji, Vanuatu & New Caledonia.

In addition the electronic version of the magazine has been viewed and or downloaded an average of more than 4000 times in the last 3 months.

See screenshot below for most recent 30 day analytics:

Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 1.22.32 pm.png

Check out the Go West Magazine for yourself !


Gearing up for Musket Cove Regatta Week - Fiji

Down Under Go West Rally - Major Event Sponsor

Down Under Go West Rally - Major Event Sponsor

Staged by the internationally renowned Musket Cove Yacht Club, located on Malolo Lailai Island off mainland Fiji’s West Coast, Regatta Week has a long-standing reputation for being the most fun in the sun you can have when under sail in the Pacific.

The regatta’s formula for success, which has evolved over the past 36 years, is built around excellent trade wind racing on well-planned courses that take in nearby tropical islands … plus the best onshore fun and friendships to be had.

The Down Under Rally is proud to be a major sponsor of Regatta Week & we will be holding an information session during Regatta week.

At this session we will be sharing information about sailing to & cruising in Australia and showcasing Australia as a cruising destination and encouraging the owners of these yachts to join the Go West Rally to Australia and spend Summer Down Under

We will also be holding this information session again in October in Noumea.

Our thanks to rally partners Scarborough Marina, Queensland Australia for sponsoring these information sessions.

International yachts join Go West Rally to Australia

This year the Down Under Rally has received more than 50 expressions of interest from internationally flagged yachts who are considering sailing to Australia with the 2019 Go West Rally. An additional 18 yachts have already joined the rally and will begin arriving Down Under in October.

Typically the majority of these yachts will spend cyclone season (November - April) cruising the Australian east coast from Bundaberg to Tasmania.

During this time they will also be taking the opportunity to carry out maintenance to their vessels in preparation for their onward voyage that will begin after cyclone season has passed as they head north to explore the Queensland coast before departing for Indonesia in 2020.

Some on the other hand will postpone their cruising choosing instead to store their vessels in Australia and and fly home to visit with family & friends. Often those who choose this option will spend another year cruising and exploring Australia.

The Down Under Rally would like to take this opportunity to thank our rally partners Bundaberg Port Marina, Bundaberg, Queensland Australia without whom the Go West Rally would not be possible.


Vessels participating in the 2019 Loyalty Islands Rally will depart from both Vanuatu and Fiji later this month for New Caledonia where the will rendezvous at the Island paradise of Lifou in the Loyalty Islands New Caledonia. To date 11 vessels have joined the rally with a further 16 having also expressed an interest in joining.

Normally vessels are not permitted to stop anywhere in New Caledonia without first having cleared into the country in Noumea which is on the western side of the mainland.

By joining the Loyalty Islands Rally participants are able to experience more of New Caledonia's magnificent cruising grounds especially those in the east and to the south that are often difficult if not impossible to return to from Noumea in the limited time available.

To make this opportunity possible the Down Under Rally are flying in the officials from the mainland to perform the clearance of vessels who are participating in the rally.

Our thanks to rally partners Noumea Yacht Services for making the Loyalty Islands Rally possible.


Upcoming Events

  • Offshore Cruising Preparation Courses

  • Sailing to the SW Pacific Info Sessions

We are in the process of finalising the dates and venues for our 2020 Offshore Cruising Preparation Course and our Sailing to the SW pacific info sessions.

We also have some VERY EXCITING NEWS about who will be co - presenting the 2020 Offshore Cruising Preparation Course. We will share this news very soon so stay tuned for that announcement!

If you or some one you know would be interested in attending either or both of these events please go to the following page of the Down Under Rally Website for more information.



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Thank you all !

Just a quick shout out to say THANK YOU everyone who follows and interacts with our FaceBook Pages and Groups.

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Rally Great Partners - Helping us Make Memories !

Our rally partners make it possible for us to keep our rally entry fees low and as a result more people join our rallies and “make some memories”.

In the Services Directory Pages of our website you will find an index of all the various products and services our rally partners offer.

When in need of marine related products and services please visit our Services Directory Pages first and see if we have a rally partner that offers the services or products you are in need of. In doing so you will be helping us to continue to help others MAKE SOME MEMORIES !