Down Under Rally On Board with Zulu Waterways.

Down Under Rally is excited to announce that we are on board with Zulu Waterways Cruising Guide
Why do we find this exciting? Because we believe that the Zulu Waterway Cruising Guide can make cruising anywhere in the world a better experience for us all and it is 100% free to use.
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One of the many wonderful things about the cruising lifestyle and being a part of the cruising community is the way we all share information with each other about the places we have been and the experiences we have had so imagine if we could share that information so that all those in our wake could benefit from it and us from theirs and even better imaging if this was all FREE !

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Now there are many guides that have already been written which in the majority are designed to be specifically for one location or another and many of these guides, such as the amazing Rocket Guides to New Caledonia & Vanuatu, that provide detailed and invaluable information about those locations are an essential and valuable resource. However we have learned that not all of those who are cruising feel they spend enough time in one location to justify purchasing location specific guides yet they would like to be able to access some information.

So having access, FREE OF CHARGE, to view and share information, Worldwide information, about anchorages, marinas, boat yards, conveniences, service providers and anything else relevant to that location that is easy to use and easy to update with changes or your own experience when you visited would be a very welcome resource indeed.

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That is why the Down Under Rally is proud to be supporting Zulu Waterways Cruising Guide and helping them continue their quest to create a worldwide guide for cruising sailors that is entirely free to use that provides all of the above and much more.

Check it out for yourself and then start sharing your knowledge and your experiences with those in your wake and in doing so helping to make cruising the world a better experience for us all!

Zulu waterways Cruising Guide is a free app/website for sailors to share information. We have designed the app so it is easy for anyone and everyone to add and edit information. This makes Zulu Waterways dynamic, as the information can be constantly updated in real time.