Steering Failure on route to Australia!

Earlier this week I received an email from the yacht s.v Zoonie who has joined the Down Under Rally - GO WEST Yacht Rally to Australia and were on route from New Caledonia to Bundaberg Port Marina.

The email subject line read: “s.v Zoonie inbound to Bundaberg with steering failure”.

This was an immediate source of concern for me and I hurried to open and read the email content which read:

“Rob and I are making our way across to Bundaberg from Noumea as part of the Go West Rally and are at present about two days from the marina and should arrive on Monday, but we have a problem. Last night Zoonie’s steering cable snapped”

We are pleased to be able to report that the outcome is that Zoonie has since arrive in Bundaberg (unassisted) is now safely tied up at Bundaberg Port Marina and awaiting repairs to be completed.

Below is a copy of the email I received yesterday from Zoonie and a link to their blog where you can read about how they managed the situation which highlights the importance of being prepared for such an event.

Hi John,
We’d like to thank you so much for your quick email replies and your support over the last few days. Also for re-sending the Bundaberg arrival info.
We have read your Go West Magazine and the guides you provided when we joined the rally a number of times over the recent weeks, but it was very nice of you to provide the relevant info again.
The whole process of arrival and clearance into Bundaberg has been a pleasant one and being part of the Go West Rally really helped make it so.
If you would like to read the full story of what caused the steering failure and how we managed the situation please visit our blog.