Rainman Watermakers partners with the Down Under Rally

Having returned from New Caledonia late last year I started asking a few people about their watermakers, what they had, what they thought of it etc.

Leanne & Steve of s.v "Easy Tiger" had this to say about their watermaker :

rainman watermakers blue on clear.jpg

"We have a Rainman and know several people that do. We have the 140 litres an hour unit and have used it extensively. We love it. It's easy. It does exactly what it proclaims to do. We have built ours in now so we don't have to keep pulling it out and setting up. Even that is easy. We would give the unit a 10 out of 10. While we were in Vanuatu we even used it to make water for villagers in the Maskelyne islands. We along with other boats filled up a massive water storage until for for islanders"  

Others I spoke to also had great things to say about their Rainman Watermaker so I decided to do some more research. 

I discovered that Rainman Desalination was actually the brainchild of a cruising yachtie. This made me even more interested as I have a belief that those who have cruised make the best products for cruisers. The story of how the company began can be found on the Rainman Desalination website at www.rainmandesal.com or you can click this link: A Brief History Of Rainman Desalination

I also discovered that Rainman Desalination was the recipient of several industry awards and many positive reviews.

At the end of my research I decided I liked what I had learned and heard, and it was time to see if Rainman Desalination would like to partner with the Down Under Rally". 

The outcome is that we are excited to announce that not only have Rainman Desalination "come aboard" as a rally partner they are also offering a:

"Rally Good Deal" 

$400 off the retail price of any NEW Rainman Watermaker system.

Here is how to get the deal:

  • Join the either the Down Under "Go West"  or "Go East" Rally
  • Contact either of the Rainman Watermaker dealers listed below.
  • Provide them with your Down Under Rally or certificate of participation.
  • Get $400 off the retail price of any NEW Rainman Watermaker system.

Gold Coast & Melbourne

Glen Seccombe
Phone: +61 (1) 800 761 159
Email: sales@gorvmarine.com.au
Website: www.gorvmarine.com.au


The Watermaker Man
Brett Swann
Phone: +61 41 44 77 602
Email: banddswann@thewatermakerman.com
Website: www.thewatermakerman.com.au