Down Under Rally wins Australian Marine Industry Award

The Australian Marine Industry Awards are presented annually to reward the outstanding achievements of Australian businesses in the marine export, superyacht and commercial sectors. The Awards are organised by the Australian International Marine Export Group (AIMEX), Superyacht Australia and the Australian Commercial Marine Group (ACMG).

And the winner for the most innovative marine industry product or service is…. Down Under Rally

We were disappointed not to be able to attend the awards ceremony as we were on passage with the Go East Rally on the night however we would like to thank AIMEX and the panel of judges for choosing The Down Under Rally us as the award recipient. We are humbled and very grateful to receive this recognition of our efforts to date .  

For those who are interested below is what was read out on the night the award was announced.

"The Down Under Rally is a service provider within the Nautical Tourism sector holding two yacht rallies on an annual basis for cruising yachts. The rallies are the Down Under “Go West” Rally & The Down Under “Go East” Rally assisting cruising yachts make their way to Australian waters. The rally provides participants with incentives and benefit’s and is a great way for visiting yachts to meet other cruising yachtsmen & women with whom they can share the experience and the journey. The activities of the Down Under Rally are focused on increasing the number of yachts that visit Australia and in turn assist in securing more revenue for the Australian tourism and marine sector. Down Under Rally director, John Hembrow and his wife Leanne have been Nautical Tourists for the past 8 years. Their approach to attracting more vessels to Australia has certainly seen an increase in yacht visitation. Congratulations Down Under Rally!"