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The countdown begins! 

With just over 5 weeks to go before participants in the  2017 Down Under Go East Rally set sail out of the Gold Coast seaway for New Caledonia, the excitement is really starting to build!

Many of the participants vessels are currently at the Boatworks "Boat Spa" and being spoiled with everything from new rigging to new antifoul being applied and installed.

It seems there is alot of interest about the types of vessels that have entered with the most asked question to date being; "How many catamarans and how may monohulls have registered?"

Of the 25 vessels that are currently registered we have: 12 Catamarans, 12 Mono Hulls and 1 Trimaran. 

Everyone Welcome!
East Meets West.

Join us for an informal get together, share some food and a couple of drinks, catch up with a few mates and make a few new ones and just enjoy the company of like minded people. If you can play an instrument then bring it along and maybe join your fellow cruisers for a bit of a jam session.

Free Info Session
Yacht Systems
Repairs & Maintenance

 27th April 2017 5:00pm - 7:00pm
Australian Marine Wholesale
The Boatworks
Unit 2, Building L, 1 Boatworks Drive, Coomera, QLD 

2017 Go West Rally - Registrations Open

The Down Under Rally will pay the fees associated with the initial biosecurity pratique & timber inspection of all vessels that are registered participants of the 2017 Down "Go West" Rally. To find out about all the rally benefits, date and events go to;/www.downunderrally.com/about-go-west/ or click the link below