Australia to New Caledonia - A perfect passage!

Our passage from Southport , Queensland , Australia to Noumea , New Caledonia saw us log just under 900 nm.

We had winds from the westerly quadrant for all but the last day of the passage which brought SE winds 15 kts . The westerly winds were from NW , W , SW .
Max sustained wind speeds we experienced were around 20 kts with a few gusts to 30 kts on the first day ,, we had 2-3 M swell during first 24hrs with small sea then 1-2 m swell with virtually no seas for the remainder of the passage. Songlines just loved the angles and we completed the voyage in 4 days , 22 hours with our top speed recorded on night one of 15.3 kts , we were frequently sailing along at 8-10 kts.

One of the Songlines crew, Kate enjoying a cocktail to celebrate her birthday ( virgin cocktail of course !)

 Motor Sailing on a flat calm ocean with a perfect sunrise to start the day 

Thanks to the calm conditions and the galley skills of Leanne & Alexis we ate very well !

 So Calm Leanne was even able to practice her yoga on passage 

The sun sets on yet another calm sea 

Down Under "Go East" Rally participants Warren & Debbie aboard s.v "Phase 2"  departed at the same time as us but travelled a little slower  and arrived 24 hours after we did. They did experience some gusts of up to 33 kts on their last day with seas of about 3 m.

A happy crew toasting our arrival with a bloody mary!