Image Credit - Richard Chesher -  Rocket Guides New Caledonia

Image Credit - Richard Chesher - Rocket Guides New Caledonia

Rally Information: 

  • Destination: Island of Lifou, Loyalty Islands, New Caledonia

  • Anchorage name: Baie de Drueulu

  • Approx. anchorage waypoint: 20 55. 405 S /167 04.949 E

  • Date of Clearance: Last week of September 2019 - Exact date TBA

  • Time of Clearance: 09:00

Image Credit - Richard Chesher -  Rocket Guides New Caledonia

Image Credit - Richard Chesher - Rocket Guides New Caledonia

About the Rally:

The purpose of the Down Under Rally "Loyalty Islands Rally" is to provide vessels heading to New Caledonia with the opportunity to be able to make the most of their time in New Caledonia by providing them with the option to join the rally and obtain full clearance into the country in the Loyalty Islands.

Normally vessels are not permitted to stop anywhere in New Caledonia without first having cleared into the country in Noumea which is on the western side of the mainland.

By joining the Loyalty Islands Rally participants are able to experience more of New Caledonia's magnificent cruising grounds especially those in the east and to the south that are often difficult if not impossible to return to from Noumea in the limited time available.  

To make this opportunity possible the Down Under Rally are flying in the officials from the mainland to perform the clearance of vessels who are participating in the rally and a such, clearance of the participating vessels can only take place in the location below on the date and time stipulated.

The rally is open to all vessels who are sailing to New Caledonia direct from Fiji or Vanuatu

Vessels who have not registered and paid the rally entry fee are not permitted to obtain clearance in the Loyalty islands and must proceed directly to the official port of entry, Noumea.

In order to participate in the rally the rally registration form must have been completed and submitted and payment of the rally entry fee have been made in full prior to the vessel departing its previous port.

Participants are free to choose where and when they depart for New Caledonia.

  • Vessels participating the rally can begin to arrive at the designated anchorage area up to 24 hours prior to the date of clearance

  • On arrival vessels participating in the rally must have their Q flag aloft and no one is permitted to go ashore or board the vessel until such time as customs, immigration and biosecurity clearance formalities / inspections have been completed.

  • The clearance of vessels participating in the rally will commence at approximately 09:00 hours (GMT+11) on the date that clearance has been arranged. Clearances of all vessels are expected to be completed by 15:00 hours on the same day (subject to vessel numbers).

After clearance has been granted:

Vessels are then free to either cruise the islands in the company of other rally participants or do so on their own - there is no set agenda once your clearance is obtained.

The Down Under Rally will assist to arrange for shuttle buses to take rally participants to the local shopping centre for provisioning and the local post office /ATM where local currency can be obtained.   

Participants in the rally can at the time of joining the rally to choose to attend an Official Welcome Ceremony & Traditional Feast hosted by the local village.

Participants in the rally are also invited to attend a "Cruising New Caledonia" information session hosted by the rally organisers.

Rally Options & ENTRY FEE

  • Option 1 : $295 AUD - Clearance In Lifou Only

  • Option 2: $395 AUD - Clearance in Lifou plus Official Welcome Ceremony & Traditional Feast for 2 people per vessel. The ceremony/feast will take place on the 26th September (extra persons $50.00 AUD per person - children under 13 years free to attend )


Refund policy:

  • Written requests for refunds up to 30 days prior to September 1st 2018 will receive a 50% refund of the rally entry fee.

  • Refund requests for the DUR Loyalty Islands Rally entry fee must be emailed to and must be received by the Down Under Rally prior to September 1st 2019

  • No refunds after September 1st 2019

  • If for any reason the Down Under Rally cancels this rally a full refund will be made.

Watch this video from when we visited in 2017