Vanuatu is a fantastic cruising destination that has plenty of unique experiences to offer the visiting yachts. The lovely people of Vanuatu are both warm and welcoming, in fact many of our past Go East Rally Participants have said that Vanuatu was the “highlight of their voyage.”

What people seem to like most about Vanuatu are the outer/remote islands and communities that offer the visiting yachts experiences, second to none.


Vanuatu’s culturally rich, indigenous society exists in harmony among the stunning surrounding scenery. Vanuatu has two very accessible and active volcanoes, absolutely stunning natural beauty and scenery throughout the country, amazing waterfalls cascading from high cliffs into the sea, unique cultural spectacles, numerous pristine and unspoiled bays and anchorages to choose from as well as great fishing and diving.

In addition to and supporting the above, Vanuatu is well resourced to provide for all your practical needs…Vanuatu has excellent provisioning (some even say it’s the best in the Pacific).


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The purpose of the Down Under Rally "NC2V Rally" is to provide participants of our Go East Rally a hassle free entry into Vanuatu and allow them to get the most out of what will be a relatively short visit to the country.

Vessels who join the NC2V Rally will have the opportunity to obtain full clearance into the country in the island of Aneityum which is otherwise not an official port of entry.

Arriving in Aneityum allows rally participants to explore the Vanuatu Group of islands from south to north taking advantage of the prevailing winds, enjoying more comfortable sailing conditions and experiencing more of Vanuatu.

To make this opportunity possible the Down Under Rally are flying in the officials from Port Vila to perform the clearance of vessels who are participating in the rally. The Down Under Rally are also partnering with Port of Call Vanuatu for the NC2V Rally.

Port Of Call Vanuatu are making all the arrangements for the inward clearance as well as some additional special experiences !


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  • All other dates relating to Vanuatu inward clearances and rally events will be provided when an expression of interest in joining the rally has been received.

PLEASE NOTE: As always, the planned rally dates are subject to suitable weather conditions.

NC2V Rally Entry Fee: $885.00 per vessel.

INCLUDED in the rally entry fee:

  • The opportunity to voyage in company from New Caledonia to Vanuatu

  • The opportunity to enter Vanuatu and obtain VIP full inward clearance at Aneityum Island.

  • Professional weather routing for the voyage from New Caledonia to Aneityum Island, Vanuatu.

  • Support and advice regarding preparing to visit and cruise in Vanuatu from the Down Under Rally.

  • Once participants arrive in Vanuatu our rally partners Port of Call Vanuatu Yacht Support will provide support and services related in inward clearances, rally related events and any other assitance that maybe required by rally participants.

NOT INCLUDED in the rally entry fee:

  • Inward Clearance fees. Customs, Immigration, Quarantine. (see below in orange)

  • Cost to attend ‘Other World Experiences’. These events are optional. (see below in yellow)

  • Outward clearance & port fees & visa extensions. (see below in red)

Inward Clearance Fees payable in addition to the rally entry fee.

The fees in table 1 below are payable on arrival to Port of Call Vanuatu Yacht Services in Vatu.

Table 1

Table 1

Other World Experiences

Image supplied by the Vanuatu Tourism Office

Image supplied by the Vanuatu Tourism Office

In addition to the convenience of having all the arrangements in relation to Vanuatu entry formalities being taken care of, those who join the NC2V Rally can choose to participate in any or all of the following Vanuatu ‘Other World Experiences’


Other World Experience #1

  • Aneityum (Mystery) Island Welcome Ceremony

  • Fire walking / custom magic

  • Aneityum Village tour

Aneityum, also known as the Mystery Island, is the southernmost inhabited island in the Vanuatu archipelago. As with all the major islands throughout Vanuatu, it's origins are volcanic and the landscape mountainous. Rich volcanic soils and a slightly more temperate climate encouraged the growth of magnificent stands of sandalwood trees.

After all the entry formalities have been taken care of and you have had a chance to rest up after the passage from New Caledonia join your fellow rally participants and the Aneityum Island locals and begin your trip back in time.


Other World Experience #2

  • Tanna Island Welcome Ceremony & Traditional Feast

  • Mt Yasur Volcano tour

  1. Traditional Welcome Ceremony & Feast hosted by the local village at Port Resolution.

  2. Mt Yasur Volcano Tour. Mt Yasur, considered to be the world’s most easily accessible active volcano has to be at the top of everyone’s bucket list who visits Vanuatu. An exciting but scenic truck ride followed by a short ten minute walk to the summit in the late afternoon yields a dramatic pyrotechnic display of awesome power and erupting lava as darkness falls


Other World Experience #3

Erromango Experience

  • Traditional Feast with the people of Erromango

  • Guided tour to the sacred Cave of Skulls

It is believed that Erromango was first settled by humans around 3,000 years ago.  Whilst Erromango is the largest of the Vanuatu archipelago it is also one of the most sparsely populated and less developed island of the group.

Erromango contains numerous caves that provided refuge from tribal warfare and cyclones. Some of the caves contain rock art and petroglyphs that have been identified with clan motifs and traditional stories. Caves were also used as burial sites.

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 1.56.01 pm.png
  1. Enjoy a Traditional Feast with the people of Erromango and discover the customs and traditions of this seldom visited island.

  2. Guided tour to the sacred Cave of Skulls, a large cave where Chief Mete and his two wives plus many others were laid to rest.


Other World event and activity charges.

The fees in table 2 below are per person and payable on arrival to Port of Call Vanuatu Yacht Services in Vatu.

Table 2

Table 2


Welcome to the "The Big smoke" 

  • End of rally luncheon (optional & cost varies dependant upon meal choice)

  • Central & Northern Vanuatu Cruising Info Session

  • Clearing out of Vanuatu Info Session.

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 4.41.28 pm.png

Port Vila is the harbour side capital and main hub of Vanuatu, on Efate island and is home to colourful market stalls selling produce and local handicrafts.

The National Museum of Vanuatu, inside the Vanuatu Cultural Centre, displays artefacts such as slit-gong drums and outrigger canoes.


Whilst in Port Vila a trip to the Mele Cascades, a multi-tiered waterfall with rock pools in a rainforest which are not to be missed.

There are many other great, unique activities and events going on all the time in Vanuatu and Port of Call Vanuatu will ensure that you get the information you need to make informed decisions about what to see, and how to get there at the Cruising Vanuatu Info Session.

The NC2V Rally is a joint venture between Port of Call Vanuatu & The Down Under Rally

The NC2V Rally is a joint venture between Port of Call Vanuatu & The Down Under Rally

Port of Call Vanuatu will be ready and waiting for you to arrive in Port Vila and will assist with arranging moorings or marina berths for all NC2V Rally participants.

Once every one has arrived and have settled in Port of Call Vanuatu are hosting an End of Rally Luncheon that includes an info session about cruising Central & Northern Vanuatu and outward clearance information.  

Other fees related to port fees & immigration.

Immigration: On arrival at Aneityum a 30 day visa will be issued for all persons aboard the vessel. The fee for these visas are included in the costings in Table 1 above.

In order to stay in Vanuatu beyond 30 days Vanuatu Immigration on arrival in Port Vila will issue each person aboard an extension of 3 months. (see table 3 below for fee)

Port Dues: On departure at the time of obtaining outward clearance port dues will be charged. These fees are payable at time of departing Vanuatu.(see table 3 below for fee)

Table 3

Table 3