Clear into New Caledonia at Lifou in the Loyalty Islands

Normally you can not stop anywhere in New Caledonia without first having cleared into the country and the only official clearance port is Noumea on the western side of the country. This often means that many yachts do not get to visit one of the most pristine cruising destinations that the pacific has to offer, the Loyalty Islands which are on the eastern side of New Caledonia.

The Down Under Rally has made arrangements for a limited number of yachts to be permitted to arrive in Lifou in the Loyalty Islands This means that you will be able to cruise the Loyalty Islands and the southern New Caledonia Lagoon, including Ile de Pins before continuing on to Noumea.

Date / Time LOCATION information

  • Loyalty Islands, New Caledonia
  • Island of Lifou
  • Baie de Chepenehe
  • Approximate anchorage waypoint: Latitude 20 46. 987 S Longitude 167 08.044E
  • Date of Clearance 27/09/2017
  • Time of Clearance 09:00
  • Cost per vessel $350 AUD includes up to 6 persons / crew on board the vessel. 

Approximate anchorage location                                                                                                             Latitude  20 46. 987S - Longitude 167 08.044E                                                                                       Not for navigation

Approximate anchorage location                                                                                                             Latitude  20 46. 987S - Longitude 167 08.044E                                                                                       Not for navigation

Other information / details

  • The Down Under Rally are flying in the officers from the mainland to perform your clearance which can only take place in the location above on the date and time stipulated.
  • Vessels who are participating must be in the anchorage and ready to be boarded by the officers at 09:00 on Wednesday 27th September. 
  • Vessels who are participating can arrive on the 26th of September, raise their Q Flag and remain onboard until clearance has taken place
  • Any vessel that is not in the anchorage and ready to be cleared at 09:00 will not be permitted to stop in Lifou and must proceed directly to Noumea for clearance.
  • Currency and sim cards for telephone and data along with and a limited supply of groceries and produce can be purchased on Lifou at the township of WE.

Quarantine Regulations



Summary of the above list

  • All fresh fruits (coconuts included) and vegetables, popcorn, and fresh or frozen animal products will be seized and brought back to Nouméa for destruction at the owner expenses.

A sanitary derogation (exception to the rule) can be accepted for the  following meat products in sealed commercial packaging (package labeling):

  • Beef meat, pork meat, mutton meat, goat meat and chicken meat are allowed, when for consumption on board, when their origin is New Zealand or Australia;
  • Beef meat is allowed, when for consumption on board, when it comes from Vanuatu and when its origin is Vanuatu. However, this exemption on meat products is in no case an exemption of customs rules.
  • Inspectors will verify meat origin by checking labeling on commercial packaging.  If the origin of the meat cannot be traced, it will be seized for destruction.

Other Quarantine requirements / instructions

Organic waste ( fruits, meat ..) will have to be disposed of at sea outside territorial waters or be separated from others waste at arrival.

Garbage: No garbage may be dropped overboard in New Caledonia waters.

If the biosecurity officers find any of the above items aboard they will confiscate them and you will be liable for the cost of transportation to the mainland for destruction.

Please be sure to have eaten or disposed of all products described above BEFORE entering New Caledonia Waters.  

Terms and conditions of participation

  • By paying the participation fee below you and all persons aboard your vessel agree to be bound by the the Down Under Rally terms and conditions of entry - click here to download / read rally terms and conditions of entry.
  • No refunds of participation fee: As we have to pay upfront for the costs associated with making this clearance possible we are unable to offer any refunds under any circumstances 

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