Visiting Australia - Visa Information 

When you are planning to visit Australia, there are important things you should know such as what visas to apply for and requirements for the visa application, your obligations while in Australia and information about complying with the conditions of your visa.
You will also need to know what you can and cannot bring into Australia, knowing the duty-free concession limits and what to experience when travelling through Australian airports and seaports.
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Information for yachts travelling to Australia (arrival)

When you arrive in Australia, you must first call at a port of entry where the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, and Department of Agriculture formalities can be completed. For more information Click Here

Non-commercial vessels (yachts and private superyacht) biosecurity - Starting on the right tack

If you are visiting, returning to Australia or importing a yacht (a non-commercial vessel), the master and/or operator of the yacht is responsible for complying with the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources biosecurity rules and regulations. For detailed information please go to: