Bundy loves the Down Under Rally!

Bundaberg Regional Council is again pleased to partner with the Down Under Rally and provide support for an initiative that attracts visitors to our doorstep.

Showcasing our region to visitors, and in this case visiting yachties, is a role Council aspires to and one with which we engage with pleasure.

In recent times Council has found that promoting our region to outside interests has had a positive flow on effect, especially when the visits have proved to be extremely enjoyable for the participants.

Really. What is there not to like about the Bundaberg Region? People who enjoy a good time and a relaxed attitude to life seem to gravitate towards the Bundaberg Region.

It will be the pleasant task of those who have committed to supporting the Go West Bundy Rally to ensure our valued guests have a remarkable and memorable time.

Enjoy your visit. Take away magnificent memories and spread the great word about the Bundaberg Region.

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Welcome ashore in the Bundaberg Region

It seems all paths lead to the Bundaberg Region.

We are certainly used to arrivals by road, rail or air but to have members of the sailing fraternity meander through Burnett Heads and down the Burnett River offers another dimension altogether.

Yachties should be warned that the only problem with dropping anchor in the Bundaberg Region is that it’s always difficult to weigh anchor and leave!

The Bundaberg Region is 6400 square kilometres of magnificent diversity. Our glorious kilometres of open sandy beach, our pristine rivers and waterways and the majestic patterns of our hinterland ensure Nature’s colour palette has been thoroughly utilised in creating our region.

I am certain those associated with the Go West Bundy Rally as part of the Down Under Rally can be assure the red carpet will be rolled out in greeting.

The Bundaberg Region has so much of which we are proud starting with our iconic brands including Bundaberg Rum and Bundaberg Ginger Beer through to our rich aviation history created through the deeds of our pioneering flight hero Bert Hinkler.

The climate is among the best in the world, the fresh fruit and vegetables and the catch from the oceans or the beef raised on glorious grasslands across our region ensures food and beverage are the equal of anywhere on the planet.

Rest assured visitors are honoured guest within our community.

You may arrive as visitors but you will leave as friends.

Jack Dempsey


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