Several participants of the Go East Rally have written blogs and are sharing photos and stories of their adventures sailing to and then cruising in New Caledonia & Vanuatu.

The links their blogs appear in some of the testimonials below.

S.V Laylah II

Thanks for all your support & shared knowledge. What awesome experiences we are having & learning to deal with new challenges.

S.V Easy Tiger 

"Thanks so much John for holding our hands so to have done a fantastic job advising and giving us information..... and I am sorry I forgot to congratulate in person for the award you received. It's also been really nice getting to know both you and Leanne."

Click here to read Easy Tiger`s  Blog

S.V San Souci

"Congratulations to you both for the outstanding work you do in running the Down Under East and West rallies. As a participant in the Down Under East Rally I can only say that the assistance and information you guys both gave to us goes far and above expectations"

Click here to read San Souci`s Blog

S.V Bossa Nova

"A big thank you to John (and Leanne), our Downunder Go East Rally organizer.  He did a fantastic job with all his preliminary work but most of all, he picked the right weather and got us all here safely"

Click here to read Bossa Nova`s Blog

S.V Stylophora 

Geoff crew member aboard "s.v Heemskirk" 2017 

"Wonderful cruise John and Leanne. Having done it on our own last year and this year as part of your Go East Rally I can certainly vouch for the value that you add to the experience. Well done to you both. You are awesome."

S.V. Two Up Together 

"Thanks John and Leanne for all the information and organisation that went into the go east rally 

Shame we had to leave early (the baby hasn't come yet) and miss the farewell party I'm sure it was great.

Many lovely friends were made while at Boatworks and Dux, Roxey and I hope to catch up with you when we get back, and a special thanks to Gerry, Brian and Doug for all the help before we left"

SV Cruising Kitty 

"Thankyou for all your organisation John + Leanne. We have an idea of the huge effort that goes on behind the scenes. You've done everything possible to lead the way. It's up to us now ! See you in Noumea!"

S.V Serenity 44 

"Thank you Go East rally. Nigel and I have had such an amazing time here. From the ease of check out to the priority entrance into Noumea,the savings on our blue water insurance and discount at the amazing port Moselle marina, we have to say the Go East Rally is the way to go. Thank you John for organizing such a great event." 

S.V Phase 2 

"Well said Serenity 44 , we totally agree. It was a great way to start our first trip East from Australia. If you are a first timer (or not) and would like to see this beautiful part of the world (New Caledonia & Vanuatu) John and Leanne will make it that much easier. Thanks again from Phase2"

Click here to read Phase 2 Blog