The primary goal of the Down Under 'Go East' Rally is to provide those who join the rally from Australia to New Caledonia with information, support & benefits.

About the Go East Rally

The Down Under "Go East" Rally departs The Gold Coast in Queensland in May each year.

The Go East rally is a 'destination rally' meaning that once participants arrive in New Caledonia it is up to them to decide how long they stay, wether they would like to sail onwards to Vanuatu and when and from where they depart for the return voyage to Australia.

In the past some participants have chosen to sail south to New Zealand or North to the Solomon Islands for cyclone season instead of returning to Australia. It is entirely up to you!

Vessels participating in the rally and crew members who will be sailing aboard the vessels are requested to be in the Gold Coast area by the 1st of May to attend the various rally related events prior to the rally departure which subject to weather conditions will be on the 6th May. 

IMPORTANT: The Down Under Rally does not sail to a schedule.

Should the weather be deemed by the rally organisers not be suitable to depart on the scheduled departure date the departure date will be postponed until such time as a suitable weather forecast is identified.

In past years the rally has left only once the scheduled departure date. Factors such as but not limited to: wind speed, wind direction, sea state, swell height & direction & forecast stability will be taken into account when attempting to identify a suitable forecast for the rally to depart on.

If you or any crew members have a schedule then we would suggest to you that joining the Go East Rally is not an option for you.

Why sail to New Caledonia with the down Under Rally?

The Down Under Go East rally is ideal for those who would like to make the voyage in to the pacific (perhaps for the first time) in the company of other vessels.

Sure you could probably sail to New Caledonia on your own, we did, and what a learning curve it was!

There was no rally from Australia to New Caledonia 10 years ago when we first made the voyage so we had to do all the research and make all the mistakes along the way. Many of them were costly mistakes and some of them could easily have lead to disaster. All of them were avoidable. Some would say that these type of thing are all part of the adventure and for some maybe they are.

Over the past few years The Down Under Rally has gained considerable experience and knowledge as a result of having made multiple voyages to and from New Caledonia and having cruised there extensively. This experience and knowledge is an invaluable resource which we share with our rally participants and can save you from making these same mistakes and many others.

The Down Under Rally also has created valuable relationships with businesses and government departments both in Australia and New Caledonia. Our rally participants also benefit greatly form these relationships.

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Why New Caledonia ?

Being the closest pacific island country to Australia New Caledonia has much to offer visiting yachts.

In fact the Down Under Rally believes New Caledonia is the best kept secret in the pacific.

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Benefits of joining the rally

The Down Under Rally organisers know what you need to know and share invaluable information about planning and preparing your vessel & crew for the voyage, arriving & cruising in a foreign country. Of course there are also discounts on marine related products and services, as well as fun events, parties and the opportunity to make many new friends.

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VIP Inward Clearance

Many of those sailing to New Caledonia will be doing so for the first time an as such have not experienced the process of arriving and obtaining inward clearance. For many this can be a stressful process especially at the end of a 6 day ocean passage. Add to that the challenges the language barrier (for those of us who do not speak French) brings and you can probably image that this can be a stressful time.Those who choose to join the Go East Rally will have an entirely different experience !


Make Some Memories!

The Down Under Rally believes that we make the entire experience more enjoyable and more memorable but don`t take our word for it:

Want to see more ?

Check out the video footage below from past Go East Rallies.

In this video we share some footage of the preparations for the voyage, the rally events, the voyage itself, the rally arriving in New Caledonia and some VERY SPECIAL and VERY MEMORABLE MOMENTS along the way.
Join the 2017 Go East rally participants as they prepare for the voyage, sail to, and arrive in New Caledonia. The Down Under Go East Rally which sails from the Gold Coast to New Caledonia each year. The primary goal of the Go East Rally is to provide those who join the rally from Australia to New Caledonia with information, support & benefits.

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