Bon Voyage Party Go East Rally 2019

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Bon Voyage Party

May 2nd Southport Yacht Club

Join the 2019 Go East rally participants, crew members and our rally partners for a free cocktail & canapés. 5.30pm - 6.30pm.

  •  6.00pm  - Entertainment (live music & dancing)

  • Free to attend for all registered Go East Rally participants, registered crew members and invited rally partners.

  • OPTIONAL A La Carte Dinning available from 6.30 pm (not included)

  • Family & friends of rally participants are also welcome to attend. Tickets for family & friends available at the door ($25.00 pp cash only)

  • RSVP REQUIRED - Please complete and submit the form below before 5.00pm April 25th.

Given that we are off to the French colony of New Caledonia, we thought it might be fun to theme our Bon Voyage party as a Masquerade party!

Mask not compulsory but there will be prizes!

Masqurade 1.png

Check out the following website for mask ideas.

If you are creative you could even make your own unique mask!

Southport Yacht Club dress code:

Neat and tidy casual dress is permitted at all times.

Downstairs daytime

  • Clean and tidy Track suits and sportswear. (downstairs only).

  • No T-shirts with objectionable language or designs

  • No Football or stubby shorts

  • No Work clothes or overalls

  • No Training apparel

  • Shorts cannot be worn without shoes

After 6.30pm Downstairs

  • No Board shorts or swimwear

RSVP Bon Voyage Party
This question relates to registered rally participants, registered crew members or rally partners.
This question relates to others who will be attending that are not registered rally participants , crew members or rally partners. Cost for these persons will be $25.00 pp payable in cash only at the door
Please chose from the options below to advise if those attending will also be purchasing meals from the Restaurant.