Down Under Rally - ‘Dollars for Days’.

The Down Under Rally ‘Cruising with a Cause’ initiative is about giving something back to the people of the countries our rallies visit.

With this in initiative in mind The Down Under Rally is proud to announce we will be supporting Days for Girls in 2019.

The Down Under Rally will be donating $12.00 AUD (the cost of one Days for Girls Kit) to Days for Girls from each registration we receive for the 2019 NC2V Rally or the 2019 Go West Rally

In addition we will be encouraging our rally participants and the international cruising community to get aboard with Days for Girls by distributing Days for Girls kits to the girls and woman in the various destinations they visit during their travels.

Why Days for Girls?

Day for Girls founder, Celeste Mergens, discovered that girls all over the world drop out of school due to lack of feminine supplies, she immediately understood the importance of this issue, and felt she had to step up and take action.

Celeste also learned that girls were sitting on cardboard for several days each month, often going without food unless someone would bring it to them. This set in motion her first intervention - disposable pads. But Celeste and her team quickly discovered a major problem - without any place to dispose of the pads, this was neither a viable nor a sustainable solution. It was time for Plan B: a washable, long-lasting pad.

The first Days for Girls Kits were quite different from the design in use today. Each of the 28 iterations that followed would be informed by extensive feedback and designed to meet unique cultural and environmental conditions in communities throughout the world. What would eventually become clear in the years following Days for Girls’ beginning was just how much of a difference hygiene solutions would make in assisting women and girls to break the cycle of poverty and live lives of dignity.

Today, Days for Girls has reached more than one million women and girls in 125+ countries with DfG Kits and menstrual health education. This translates into over 115 million days of dignity, health, and opportunity!

Celeste has often remarked, “There are plenty of very difficult and complicated problems in this world. This doesn’t need to be one of them. We can solve this, together.”

A message from Kathy Rogers, Days for Girls, Gold Coast:

"The Gold Coast team of Days for Girls is excited to connect with the Down Under Rally participants on your upcoming travels.

Our volunteers provide washable sanitary kits to girls and women living in poverty which enables them to manage their menstruation and continue with their education or employment. This is something that we in the western world take for granted and most don't even realise that there is an issue in many countries.

Our team started in 2015 and since then we have provided kits to over 3700 girls and women in 13 countries.

Each kit is designed to last a girl 3 years and will give back many weeks of schooling. Whilst the kits were originally designed for this purpose, we also realise the impact that they can have on women and their ability to earn an income and so they are also available for them.

Our team has many kits available for distribution and sending them with the Down Under Rally participants is an ideal way to get them into the communities in Vanuatu. Our team has already provided kits for distribution several times in Vanuatu and the need for them is huge.

Days for Girls do provide the kits free of charge however donations are very gratefully accepted. The kits cost us approx. $12.00 to make and we fund raise to cover the annual cost of $10000 plus to keep our team running."

You can make a difference and does not need to cost you a cent !

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