Go West - Free CRUISER'S Guide to Australia

Go West is a comprehensive GUIDE to planning your passage, preparing for your arrival, and exploring Australia.   

126 PAGES of information with everything from weather to planning your land travels, yacht travels, formalities and more. You can download the electronic version here.

Cruising Guide to New Caledonia

The cruising guide to New Caledonia has been cited as the best cruising guide in the world.
Based on high resolution satellite and aerial photography, the cruising guide to New Caledonia gives a precise, accurate and colourful information on every practical anchorage in New Caledonia.

  • 212 high resolution aerial photo-charts of New Caledonia Anchorages

  • Overlays of depths

  • Navigational aids

  • Sailing directions

  • GPS points

  • Points of information.

The guide covers all parts of New Caledonia from the Isle of Pines in the south to the Recifs de Entrecasteaux in the north and the Loyalty Islands to the east. The cruising guide to New Caledonia  gives precise, accurate and colourful information on every practical anchorage in New Caledonia. The program works on Windows (XP or later) and Macintosh (OS X 10.7 or later) computers.

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To see a demonstration of the guide watch the video below

The cruising guide to Vanuatu is a comprehensive guide to sailing in the Vanuatu islands.

There are photo-charts of all of Vanuatu and every Vanuatu Island with overlays of depths, navigational aids, sailing directions, GPS points, and points of information. 158 photo charts of Vanuatu anchorages covering all parts of Vanuatu from Aneityum in the south to the Hiu in the north and every island in between.


Each anchorage photo chart has;

  • Crystal clear high resolution aerial imagery

  • Overlays showing depths, navigational aids, sailing directions, approach and anchorage GPS points, approach and anchorage photographs, and points of interest about that anchorage.

 The guide is a maritime encyclopedia of information about Vanuatu with more than 800 photographs, including virtual reality images.The Guide is based on high resolution satellite and aerial photography, the cruising guide to Vanuatu gives precise, accurate and colourful information on every practical anchorage in Vanuatu.The program works on Windows (XP or later) and Macintosh (OSX 10.7 or later) computers.

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Cruise with confidence in the South Pacific, with the latest comprehensive, interactive and always up-to-date cruising guide apps for iPad.

Created by cruisers for cruisers, this new series of digital South Pacific cruising guide apps is a world first. The apps bring together years of local sailing knowledge, with the latest mobile technology.

These easy-to-use and constantly updated guides are your best weapon against uncharted reefs and inaccurate GPS and chart data.



On cruising yachts where storage space is always at a premium, you can finally do away with piles of bulky hardback books, and never again worry about soggy, unreadable pages. With these apps, you’ll have all the up-to-date local knowledge you need at your fingertips.


  • Hundreds of accurate waypoints

  • Dozens of routes to, from and through the islands

  • Chartlets for hundreds of anchorages

  • Aerial photography of reefs, marinas and more

  • Detailed port and marina guides

  • Must-see destinations

  • Diving and snorkelling sites

  • Walking trails and places of interest

  • Clearance formalities and orientation

  • VHF channels and weather information

  • Marine service directories and contacts

Jack n Jude Cruising Guides from $10.00

  • Tasmania

  • Coral Sea

  • South Australia

Jack & Jude have visited more ports and anchorages in Australia that anyone else we know!
Their website is packed full of useful and entertaining info.
The "Anchorages" page will be of special interest to those who are planning to do some serious cruising "down under"
To check out the anchorages page click here

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Sistership Magazine

  • Belong: Share passions with like-minded people;

  • Encourage: Support women, assist, advise, share, trust;

  • Inspire: Creating ideas, thoughts, hopes, dreams;

  • Inform: Promote safety, topical, newsy, fresh, detail; and

  • Entertain: Be exciting, new, fun, rich, safe, honest, reliable.


SisterShip is an international magazine; written by women for women on the water.

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The Global Site for Cruising Sailors
Noonsite is the longest established global information website featuring every major sea port in the world visited by cruising boats. It provides cruising sailors with FREE comprehensive information regarding essential marine facilities, clearance formalities, weather, special events, docking and other facts needed by visiting yachts.

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Sail 2 Indonesia Rally

Where to after Australia ?

Join the Sail 2 Indonesia Yacht Rally from Queensland, and cruise the Spice Islands in company.
The Sail 2 Indonesia Rally will take in many of Indonesia’s best sailing destinations. With an itinerary organised in conjunction with the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism, you can be sure you’ll see the best that this spectacular archipelago has to offer

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Billed as one of the best cruising destinations in Australia, the Tasmanian Government's Marine and Safety Tasmania (MAST) organisation has launched an online resource for visiting cruisers.
Cruising Tasmania is chock full of checklists and resources to get you safely around that beautiful but potentially dangerous island.
Best of all is its comprehensive listing of each region around the coastline. Maps, charts, advice, 'must see's', weather and useful contacts; it is all here.

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Zulu Waterways Cruising Guide is a go-to source for planning your next sailing trip.

With a mix of official and crowd-sourced information on anchorages, marinas and navigation, it contains all that the cruising sailor needs to know about sailing destinations.

With notable sailors and sailing clubs involved in the data entry, Zulu Waterways contains a wealth of information on Australian and Asian waters and is building globally.

The service is free to use and available at www.zuluwaterways.com or by downloading the apps.