The Down Under Rally joins the Coastal Clean Up Campaign

Together we can make a difference.

Over the years, long before we began running yacht rallies, we have been, and still are cruisers.

As we cruise we are are privileged to spend time in some stunning anchorages and island locations where ‘beachcombing’ in these locations has become a favourite pass time of ours.

Beachcombing is an activity that consists of an individual “combing” (or searching) the beach and the intertidal zone, looking for things of value, interest or utility

In recent years however we have noticed that more and more rubbish, especially plastics, are littering the shores of these once pristine destinations which lead us to deciding that we would like to do more to help to clean up.

The Down Under Rally would like to encourage those who also enjoy the privilege of sailing to and visiting the islands and coastlines of our blue planet to continue to beachcomb but to shift the focus away from looking for things of value, interest or utility and toward leaving each place cleaner than they found it.

Here is how we plan to make a difference.


Clean up before Bottoms up!

Yachties often organise "sundowners" on the beach in anchorages.

Beginning in 2019 The Down Under Rally will encourage our rally participants to have a beachcombing session one hour before sundowners, and to photograph and record their haul in the hope that others will also adopt this practice.

Click this image to visit The Coastal Clean Up website data log .

Click this image to visit The Coastal Clean Up website data log .

Down Under Rally Clean -up Projects

During 2019 The Down Under Rally plans to invite our rally participants to attend and or organise events the focus of which will be to “adopt” a location, have a beachcombing session and wherever possible take the plastic that has been removed to recycling points where it can be processed responsibly.

We will also ask that a delegate from each event visit the Coastal Clean Up Campaign website and log the details of the cleanup.

In just 30 minutes

Together with a couple of fellow cruisers we gathered this pile of plastic from the shoreline of a once pristine island in the pacific.

We want to encourage everyone to do the same, even if they only do it once !

11. Isla Contradora (7) rfs.JPG
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