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Advance Notification Of Arrival - The Facts

The Master of a vessel arriving in Australia is required by law to give notice of impending arrival within specific timeframes. Penalties may apply for failure to do so. Go to: for exact details.

There are several agencies interested in your arrival - principally they are Customs, Quarantine and Immigration.

Your Advance Notification of Arrival must be sent and received by the Australian Border Force at least 96hrs prior to your arrival in Australia. It is recommended that you send your Advance Notification well before the required 96hrs to allow for any further information is required to be provided.

Advance Notification of Arrival can be given using one of the following methods;

·       Sending an email to

·       Sending a fax to +61 2 6275 5078

·       Phoning the Australian Border Force National Communications Centre on  +61 2 6246 1325

You will need to provide the following information:

•                The name of your craft

•                Craft's Country and Port of Registration

•                Your intended first port of arrival

•                Your estimated arrival time

•                Your last four ports

•                The details of people on board including full name, date of birth, nationality & passport number

•                Details of any illness or disease recently encountered

•                If you have any animals on board

•                If you have any firearms on board

Normally within 24hrs of your emailing your Advance Notification of Arrival to  you will receive a reply from the Australian Border Force confirming they have received your notification.

It is recommended that you do not depart for Australia until such times as you have received this reply.

Clearance fees into Australia - The Facts.

The Australian Border Force, also known as customs, do not charge a fee for inspecting and providing customs clearance into Australia for recreational vessel under 25m LOA during normal working hours.

The Australian government department of Agriculture & Water Resources, also known as Biosecurity do charge a fee for service. As of January 2016 the fees charged by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources increased by about 17.5% in comparison to fees that were charged for the same service prior to January 2016. See this website for a detailed summary and breakdown of the fees.

The fee charged varies from vessel to vessel and as such cannot be determined until after the inspection and associated paperwork has been completed. Over the past 3 years (2016 - 2018) the average cost for the pratique & initial timber inspection for vessels that participated in the Go West Rally was $448.00 AUD.

See this website for a summary and breakdown of the fees.

Join the Down Under Go West "Bundy  Rally" and we will pay the fees for you !* 

(*conditions apply see below for details )

The Down Under Rally understand that not knowing how much it might cost to enter the country is a major concern for many international yachts. That is why the Down Under Rally have partnered with the Bundaberg Port Marina and made it possible for those yachts who join the Go West "Bundy Rally" to no longer have to worry about how much the fee will be as The Down Under Rally will be paying the cost of the initial biosecurity pratique and timer inspection for all vessels who join the Go West "Bundy Rally".  

Please note: Overtime charges apply for clearance outside normal working hours and these fees are not included in the rally entry fee

VISAS - The Facts

With the exception of New Zealand citizens travelling on New Zealand passports, ALL foreign nationals must obtain a Visa / Electronic Travel Authority before travelling to Australia.

The following link to the Australian Government Department of home affairs will be useful for those who need to make a visa application.

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