Animal Welfare in New Caledonia 

The Down Under Rally are now proud supporters & patrons of  Bien Naître Animal New Caledonia.


For every vessel that registers as a participant in the Down Under "Go East" Rally the Down Under Rally will donate the amount of  $36.00 (aud) to support Animal Welfare in New Caledonia.

This is the cost of a one year membership for one person. The membership will be created in the name of the person provided at the time of the vessel registering for the rally.

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Why Bien Naître Animal New Caledonia ?

Cruisers, Brent & Ana of Cat Impi are ambassadors for Bien Naître Animal New Caledonia

We first met Brent and Ana in 2016 when they attended an info session about The Down Under "Go West" Rally.

Brent & Ana subsequently  joined the 2016 Down Under Go West Rally from New Caledonia to Australia and they are spending the 2016 /2017 cyclone season cruising the East Coast of Australia.

We spent time with Brent & Ana in Bundaberg during the Down Under Rally "Go West" Welcome Week and they shared with us their passion for this cause. We like many others decided we wanted to help too!

Brent & Ana explained that the best way to help was to support Bien Naître Animal

About Bien Naître Animal

Bien Naître Animal is a non profit making organization with its primary aim being the development of wellbeing for the cats and dogs in New Caledonia.  The organization aims to achieve this by firstly caring for abandoned animals and secondly reducing the number of stray cats and dogs by the implementation of a radical sterilization program.  As such its name is a French word play on these two aims: Bienêtre means well being and Bien Naître means to be born well.  Both are pronounced the same in French. 

Brent & Ana have spent the last two winters (2015 & 2016) exploring the stunningly beautiful cruising grounds of New Caledonia amidst the largest UNESCO World Heritage Lagoon and they have written this short introduction into how they have become involved with Bien Naître Animal: 

"On our first stay in 2015 we encountered an abandoned island dog, Moose, who lives on Ilot Casy in Baie de Prony. Moose is quite a character, refuses to leave his island and takes all visitors on a walkabout of his beautiful nature reserve. 
We made a little movie about this amazing dog and many of our friends and followers continued to ask for updates on his wellbeing. We also had a lot of grief from our friends for leaving him there as we departed for New Zealand.

Meet "Moose" the abandoned island dog  

So upon our return the second year, we went as soon as possible to Ilot Casy to find our dear friend Moose.  We were horrified to find him in bad health.  We started a campaign to raise money for a vet and were fortunate in having Guy Kane, an American-French veterinary, fly to the island to care for Moose. There are not many flying vets in New Caledonia!

Brent & Ana arrange for moose to get a much needed visit to the vet , or should we say they arranged for the vet to visit Moose !

Through Guy, we met Marie the founder of Bien Naître Animal who is a trained vet but was paralysed for 18 months due to an autoimmune disease.  She fought her way back to mobility but unfortunately is no longer strong enough to handle animals.  So she has put her efforts into caring for abandoned and stray animals.
Her story is one of overcoming hardship and pain and transforming this into an extraordinary care for our fellow planet dwellers who cannot look after themselves.
Our New Years resolution for 2017 is to give Marie a helping hand through our social media channels. Our many friends and followers have shown us that they care and they Help Us to Help Others, no longer just YouTube followers but actively involved in helping this little slice of paradise to being even more perfect "
How can you help ?
If you would like to become a member of  Bien Naître Animal and contribute to the sterilization and protection of animals in New Caledonia please go to the following website
We look forward to having you "come aboard" and we hope that with the help of the cruising community our next sequel to the movie "Moose, the abandoned island dog", shows the development of a mature animal welfare organization on the outer islands of New Caledonia, beautiful places, where all animals are cared for.
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Thank you for caring ,
Brent & Ana of Cat Impi