Animal Welfare in New Caledonia 

The Down Under Rally are proud supporters of the development of programmes that are targeted at providing animal welfare services in New Caledonia.

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Ana & Brent of Cat Impi have been at sea for 8 years now and have sailed more than halfway around the world.

Those who follow Cat Impi will know of their involvement with animal welfare and care solutions in New Caledonia, the project having been started as a result of their followers on You Tube funding the medical costs to help 'Moose', the abandoned island dog.


“Operation Dog" is a program to help control the dog population on the islands in a humane manner”.

Of all the places Brent & Ana have visited in their travels they say that the islands of New Caledonia are the jewel in the crown of the best islands to be found anywhere in the world and we support their sentiments.

Sadly however these islands are not always paradise for the dogs and cats who cal them home.

"Operation Dog" is about providing the funding needed to provide medical assistance for these animals.

OPERATION DOG: We sail to the LOYALTY ISLAND called Ouvea where our followers have helped sponsor the DOG STERILIZATION PROGRAM. Guy Kane, the flying vet has loaded all his gear onto our beloved catamaran called IMPI and we become a mobile home, storage facility and restaurant for this amazing vet.

Operation Dog" is a program to help control the dog population in a humane manner.

Down Under Donation

In 2019 $40.00 from each Go East rally registration fee we receive will be donated to Operation Dog

You can help too !

If you would like to support "Operation Dog" by donating just a few dollars, as little as $2 or even maybe $5, you will be making it possible to help the local folks on these islands to be better able to turn the plight of these animals around. To find out more and to make a donation please click the link below: