Calling all yachties! Can you help our friends in Vanuatu ?

"The people of the nation of Vanuatu have long been know to be one of the most welcoming to visiting yachts and many who have visited have said that the most special memories they have are of the time they spent in Vanuatu. This is our chance as the yachting community to show our appreciation for their hospitality and all those memories" (John Hembrow. Down Under Rally)

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Ambae Island, Vanuatu Evacuated.

Hundreds left homeless - Urgent assistance needed.

The volcano on Ambae Island has been erupting since September 2017, and the whole population of that island has now been moved to several new settlement sites on the neighbouring islands of Maewo and Pentecost.

This event is creating hardship on these communities and the people of Ambae Island have lost not only their homes but also the communities they called home.

As a result the people of Ambae have become refugees and are now living on neighbouring islands 

The ash fall from the volcano is destroying many of the above ground food crops in the neighbouring islands which is further depleting the food supply which was already depleted as a result of the extra demand for food due to the arrival of the Ambae refugees .

"These humble and gentle people would benefit greatly from some food supplies, water and basic hygiene related necessities" 

Ash covering and destroying crops

Ash covering and destroying crops

Entire Families are living in make shift accomodations

Entire Families are living in make shift accomodations

The Down Under Rally has donated $500.00 AUD

This donation has been used to purchase and transport food supplies, water and basic hygiene related necessities to the people at Ansvari Village on the island of Maewo

Here is how you can help:

  • When you visit Vanuatu and are in Port Vila go to Vanuatu Yacht Services and speak to Justin Jenkin or Claire Barkhuizen

  • Tell Justin or Claire that you would like to donate items and ask what is needed.

  • If you are planning to sail to Northern Vanuatu you can contact Justin or Claire at Vanuatu Yacht Services in Port Vila and offer to deliver a Care Package to the people in the affected communities on Maewo and Pentecost.

  • If you are not headed to Vanuatu but you would like to help and you know someone who is headed that way cash donations can be made in Port Vila at Vanuatu Yacht Services. These donations will be used to help pay for transportation of and the purchase of food and other necessities. 

Please feel free to contact Vanuatu Yacht Services using any of the methods below for more information.



Cell: +678 771 9175 Or +678 771 9174

Woroloa Point | Port Vila| Vanuatu